Sandra Coates

“Sandra Coates is a class act. Elegant. Beautiful. Brilliant. She is a wonderful guide to girls and women everywhere.”

Carey Lewis (Christian Author and Entertainment Leader/ Founder Actors, Models & Talent for Christ)

Sandra Coates Sandra Coates is a dynamic role model and influential leader committed to raising up God’s unique beauty within every woman.

As Founder of UNITED +TRU Sandra has brought women together of all ages colors, sizes, and cultures to showcase the exquisite beauty of God in each one. She speaks to empower and encourage women to walk confidently despite the competitive pressures they face.

 Over the past 25 years, Sandra has held many leadership and speaking roles mentoring & encouraging women & girls. From shame and hiding to acceptance and a healthy body image, Sandra’s passion comes from her own transformation to live confidently in who God made her all along. Her goal is to see more and more women united and set free.

Sandra Coates Sandra has also served as a key Women’s Ministry leader and a member of the creative speaking team at her church. For many years she has worked with Young Life, an outreach ministry investing in teens and leaders to share the Gospel to this generation.

She is a mom of 3 awesome sons and a Pastor’s wife.

In her free time she enjoys surfing, thrift shopping, fashion,  spontaneous adventures with family& friends and making really good smoothies.

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