1-1 Coaching with Women

For so many women they may not know how they got stuck but, nevertheless, they find themselves there. It may be from doubt, pain or frustration in life compared to who they want to become or something else that is blocking them. They may be unsure of who they are apart from others and not really know their unique gifts, abilities or passions and the ultimate purpose of how it all goes together. Being confident in who they are and the identity, value and place they hold can be an ongoing struggle without the tools to see and discover these important life pieces. 

By working one on one through my Life Coaching program, I come alongside women using personalized tools to identify and activate their strengths, personality type, abilities, goals and other key pieces of their identity and purpose. This starts with discovering a new mindset to see themselves and their world around them with fresh eyes and a new motivation.  As a coach exclusively for women, I am passionate about seeing and helping to call forth the greatness already within them and the powerful purpose they have despite setbacks or insecurities. Ultimately, the goal is to launch with an exciting set of curated goals and action steps to reach the client’s desired results and an excitement for the new tools they are operating with. 

Through my coaching, I will utilize concepts and exercises from my book, “None Like HER– awaken the beauty within you.” This book calls the reader to recognize and walk in the unending beauty and worth she holds through her identity in Christ and His plan to use her boldly to share with the world. Topics like comparison, compromise, control, body image and striving for perfection are discussed along with the truth about beauty. The purpose is for every woman to experience freedom and transformation within her as she walks confidently in the identity and purpose by God’s design, just for her, scars and all. 

This program is based on Christian principles with tools to encourage and challenge women to live out the direction and calling for their lives.  

*Disclaimer: This coaching program is not in place of therapy or professional counseling. 

*For more details on how to get started please email sandracoates26@gmail.com or message me directly on Facebook or Instagram