1-1 Teen Girls

Being a teenage girl, in middle school or high school (ages 11-18), has a unique and often delicate set of challenges and obstacles. There is so much comparison, pressures, influences and body changes that are difficult for any one person to navigate. In addition, they are undergoing hormonal and physical changes unique to every female and largely stemming from their brain and emotional development. This can be difficult for both the teen as well as her parent or caregiver. For so many teens, they have a drive to be successful and feel settled in their own world despite the unsettled world around them and not knowing their unique purpose and value. 

My goal in coaching teen girls is to come alongside her to encourage, mentor, and work with her to know herself better, recognize her unique strengths, abilities and passions, along with helping her to manage challenges, perfection tendencies and stressors she is facing. I want her to know that she is stronger than she thinks, with so much to offer both herself and others around her. By first identifying her specialness and unique set of gifts and abilities, the goal is to build her confidence, awaken her niche and implement strategies to activate excitement and motivation as well as increase her self worth. Following we work through her purpose and seeking opportunities for her to feel excited and empowered to use her abilities for the highest good and help her set goals that motivate her toward greater success. 

Through my coaching, I will utilize concepts and exercises from my book, “None Like HER– awaken the beauty within you.” This book calls the reader to recognize and walk in the unending beauty and worth she holds through her identity in Christ and His plan to use her boldly to share with the world. Topics like comparison, compromise, control, body image and striving for perfection are discussed along with the truth about beauty. The purpose is for every girl to experience freedom and transformation within her as she walks confidently in the identity and unique purpose by God’s design, just for her, scars and all.  

This program is based on Christian principles with tools to encourage and challenge young women to live out the path and direction for their lives. 

*Disclaimer: This coaching program is not in place of therapy or professional counseling. 

*For more details on how to get started please email sandracoates26@gmail.com or message me directly on Facebook or Instagram