Teams or Individual Groups

Curated Group Coaching with a Staff or Individuals

With over 25 years of relational leadership experience I know first hand the importance of uncovering and learning how to maximize the unique gift-mix of females to any organization, especially in a group setting committed to leading and helping others. There is power and unlimited potential in launching women in their element of highest good both an an individual and on a team. 

My goal is to help ministry staff or women’s groups both discover and efficiently use their personality type, strengths, abilities, styles and God-given passions to maximize their effectiveness, maintain their well being and practice self care. With the various roles females play as leaders, teammates and as unique individuals, it is critical that they feel heard, understood, valued and safe to express themselves as a contributor to their team. As well, I provide tools to help them communicate and collaborate with their teammates, both male and female, and implement strategies for healthy conflict resolution. 

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This program is based on Christian principles with tools to encourage and challenge women to identify and live out the direction and God given calling for their lives. 

Through my coaching, I will utilize concepts and exercises from my book, “None Like HER– awaken the beauty within you.” This book calls the reader to recognize and walk in the unending beauty and worth she holds through her identity in Christ and His plan to use her boldly to share with the world. Topics like comparison, compromise, control and striving for perfection are discussed along with the truth about beauty. The purpose is for every woman to experience freedom and transformation within her as she walks confidently in the identity and purpose by God’s design, just for her, scars and all. 

Book Study Intensive

Work together with me through my book, None Like HER”-awaken the beauty within you. In a small group setting I use the book content and correlated interactive questions and exercises included, all geared towards women discovering their beauty, identity, confidence, freedom and experience transformation as they see into the lens of God’s design for them. Other topics include comparison, compromise, body image and control. (Length – 5 session each one hour in length)

All of the programs are based on Christian principles with tools to encourage and challenge women to live out the direction and God given calling for their life. 

*Disclaimer: This coaching program is not in place of therapy or professional counseling. 

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