Sandra Coates Coaching
Transformation happens when you:
  • Discover passions and purpose unique to you
  • Uncover obstacles holding you back from self worth, confidence and personal goals
  • Activate your strengths, embrace a positive beauty/ body image
  • Build a plan to accomplish goals through one-on-one direct coaching with Sandra

Kristi & Sandra

Sandra has left a lasting impact on my life, my marriage, and how I live out my calling for Christ. She has true tenacity when it come to pursuing her mission to reach women, and she shows resilience in the midst of set backs. She is a powerful speaker, a selfless leader, and the kind of warrior you would want in your corner. She is bold, not afraid to sharpen others, and has a heart for women that make them feel valued, safe, and loved. Sandra has stood on the battle lines with me, spurring me on in the valleys, and has been with me on the mountain top in times of rejoicing. She lives out her passion through inspiring women towards a redefined beauty, something that has been invaluable and life changing in my own life.

Kristi Anderson – 1Fish2Fish Owner & Youtuber

 Sandra Coates has humbly served thousands of women one-on-one who were facing great challenges and adversity. The Lord has burned a deep passion in Sandra’s heart to influence and inspire women.

Toby DeBause – President of the Crisis Pregnancy Center of Tidewater