Summer Confidence

Summer Confidence

I want her body not mine…

How many times have we said this to ourselves? I know for me it’s too many to count.

With summer about to start, swimsuits, shorts, and crop tops are in full effect. I find myself looking more and more at my body and all the places I wish were different. I see blemishes, and cellulite, and curves that are not supposed to be there. I wonder why there is flatness in all the wrong places. Maybe you believe your skin is too fair or too dark. Maybe you feel your belly sticks out too far. These thoughts seem to just shout at us so loud, don’t they?

Every one of us can easily get caught in asking sabotaging questions that end up tearing down the very thing that works so hard for us each and every second of every day to keep us alive and healthy. I’m talking about our bodies. Too often we lose perspective and don’t stop to think about our bodies underneath the skin. The truth is, each one of our bodies are an amazing creation, a powerful machine, and a holy temple. In fact, they have been all of those things since we were put together in our mother’s womb.

Why does the negative self-talk continue? Why do we think our physical shape holds the scorecard of our value, our beauty or how desired we are? I believe it is because we stray from the truth of who we actually are; uniquely shaped, remarkably special, and incomparably beautiful.

A few tips for this summer:

1) Be nicer to the one you see looking back at you in the mirror. She holds more value than you will ever know.

2) Ask God to help you see a piece of your unique beauty and to remind you that it never fades no matter what size or body type or how you feel.

3 )Treat yourself with dignity and respect, don’t just say ‘yes’ to outfits just because it’s in style. (You’re worth more than fashion trends:)

4) Surround yourself with influences and friends that build you up and focus on genuine friendship and encouragement.

5 )Receive a compliment rather than pushing it away and letting the negative self-talk take over.

Be that person that tells someone else about their beauty and how amazing they really are.

Ready- Set- SUMMER !!!

Sandra Coates Sandra Coates Sandra is a RN and works with women in unplanned pregnancies. She is also a pastor’s wife, women’s ministry leader, speaker and model. She is passionate about every woman knowing her God given beauty and living confident and free. Read more about Sandra.